Tips for a Comfortable Pregnancy During the Summer Season

Tips for a Comfortable Pregnancy During the Summer Season

If you are expecting a child, you have probably heard horror stories from well-meaning friends and family about being pregnant during the hot summer months. While summer weather can present unique challenges for the pregnant woman, there are some ways to combat the heat. At Fayetteville Woman’s Care, our goal is to do our part to ensure you have a healthy and safe pregnancy, so here are some tips to help you get through the next few months.

Stay hydrated. This piece of advice is good all year long, but especially in the hot weather, when you may be losing more water through sweat. Staying hydrated helps you to stay healthy, even when you are not pregnant. Make sure that you are drinking water throughout the day. You can also add water to your body through certain foods that are perfect for the summer, including cucumbers and watermelon.

Rest. A lot of people use the summer months to take their vacations, especially if they already have school aged children. Whatever your summer plans, be aware of the stress you are putting on yourself, and adjust your plans accordingly. Rest as much as you possibly can.

Watch your sun exposure. After the cold of winter leaves, most people are ready to get out into the sunny weather. Enjoy the summer! When you do go out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, be sure to wear sunscreen, and if you can, wait to enjoy the warm weather when the temperatures are not at their hottest during the day. If you do get too much sun, cool aloe vera is comforting on your skin.

Kick your feet up. Sometimes in pregnancy, women can develop swelling in their feet and ankles. The high temps of summer can make the swelling worse. If you notice swelling in your feet or ankles, elevate them. For a little pampering during these hot months, consider a prenatal massage.

The biggest piece of advice that we can give you about the summer months is to be sure to keep your obstetrician up to date about travel plans you may have or changes to your body that may concern you. The staff at Fayetteville Woman’s Care is here for you anytime you need us! We are hoping that your summer pregnancy is a time of happiness and health for you and your baby.