Birth Control

Birth Control

Choosing the right birth control for you can at times feel like a daunting decision. There is not right or wrong answer in choosing a form of birth control. It simply depends on you and your lifestyle.

Birth Control

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Birth Control Options: Finding the right birth control can be confusing and depends on many factors.  Below are some options for you to discuss with your provider.

Intrauterine Device (IUD): The IUD is a device that is placed into your uterus. This is done in the office and is relatively painless. You may or may not experience cramping for a few days following the insertion. The IUD is intended for women looking for a long term birth control method. Depending on the type of IUD you choose, it can work from 3-10 years.

Implant: The implant, Nexplanon, is inserted under your skin in your arm. Again this is done in the office. The implant lasts for three years.

Depo Shot: Depo is an injection you get every three months that helps prevent pregnancy.

Birth Control Pills: There are many types of birth control pills but they are all intended to be taken once daily for three weeks and the last week of the pill pack are placebo pills.  This the week you will have your period. Your period will be predictable.

Patch: Just as it is called, this is a patch that you stick to your lower abdomen, buttock or upper arm and it stays there for three weeks. You remove the patch on the fourth week and have your period.

Nuvaring:  You insert the Nuvaring in your vagina for three weeks. Just like the patch, you remove it the fourth week and you have your period.


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