What Is An OBGYN?

What Is An OBGYN?

Ask many people what an OBGYN is and you are likely to get general answers like, “baby doctor” or “women’s doctor”. While it is true that OBGYN’s care for pregnant women, and in fact, women in general, the role of an OBGYN is much more complex than that. The highly trained and knowledgeable staff at Fayetteville Women’s Care would like to expound on those general answers.

The acronym OBGYN stands for obstetrician and gynecologist. OBGYN’s specialize in women’s health and reproduction. The title obstetrician comes from Obstetrics, which is the field of medicine that deals with a women’s medical care before, during and after she has a child through pregnancy. This includes caring for the pregnant women through all of her pregnancy appointments, labor and delivery, and postpartum appointments. Gynecologists see and treat women for medical issues dealing with their reproductive health and breast tissue. General guidance is for females to start seeing a gynecologist once they hit puberty and begin their menstrual cycles, or at least, once they become sexually active.

While some OBGYN’s specialize in certain reproductive fields, most deal with a variety of OBGYN issues. Some OBGYN’s may specifically deal with high risk pregnancies, infertility, or cancers of the reproductive system. All OBGYN’s have to train for many years. They then must pass the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology exam. Every few years they must test again to keep their certification. Your OBGYN takes their job seriously, and is always learning new information about the female reproductive system in order to provide the best care for you.

The OBGYN’s at Fayetteville Women’s Care treat many different reproductive issues. If you have a question about abnormal menstrual bleeding, pain in your pelvic area, urinary incontinence, fluctuating hormones, infertility or breast issues, our OBGYN’s can help. If you are just starting out on a pregnancy journey, we would love to walk with you through it, providing you pregnancy care all the way. Fayetteville Women’s Care is located at 2029 Valleygate Drive, Suite 101 in Fayetteville, North Carolina and at 588 Bailey Road, Suite D in Lumberton, North Carolina.

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