More About Pregnancy

More about Pregnancy

So many questions, so little time … only 9 months! Here is some information that might help answer more of the questions you may have about pregnancy.

More about Pregnancy

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So many questions, so little time … only 9 months! Here are a few links that might help answer more of your questions. Fayetteville Woman’s Care is not responsible for any information on these sites. The following links are for informational purposes only. You should discuss any medical concerns directly with your doctor.

Local Companies

Little Miracles Imaging
You can get a 3D or 4D Ultrasound at Little Miracles Imaging, 910.778.5806. Imagine being able to see your baby sucking his or her thumb, smiling or even waving a little hand. It’s all possible thanks to 3D/4D ultrasound technology.

Quest Diagnostics

Lab Corp

Helpful and Informative Websites

Trying to Get Pregnant?
Follow this link to track your ovulation cycle.

When am I Due?
Did you just find out you are pregnant? Although your doctor can calculate your due date as accurately as possible, this link will help you determine your due date before your first prenatal visit. You’ll find a detailed description of how due dates are ascertained and a due date calculator to compute your own. You only need to enter the date of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). Of course, do not make too many detailed plans, these are just estimates. In fact, only about 5% of babies actually show up on the date they’re due.

What is Happening in There?
This link gives you day-by-day progress of your pregnancy with helpful hints and other useful information to help you through.

Fetal Development
How did those poor women survive in the old days, wondering how their babies were growing and whether it was a girl, a boy, or maybe both? Thanks to modern medicine, you do not have to wonder. This link will give you the technical information that lets you see actual pictures of fetal development at each stage.

Cord Blood
Thousands of pregnant families are taking advantage of new technology to save their babies’ cord blood stem cells because they can be used to treat cancers or blood disorders and may one day help cure diabetes or Alzheimer’s. Check out Cordblood, the most informative site for learning about your baby’s stem cells and information on how to collect and bank them as “biological insurance.” You can order a collection kit online. offers a “smart” weekly e-newsletter that is customized just for you. Enter your due date as well as a few other details about yourself and you will get an individualized, week-by-week report about your baby’s development, important reminders for your next doctor visit and more. Chat with other soon-to-be moms at the site’s message boards and win prizes from BabySweeps. Maternity Fashions
If spending hours at the mall looking for new maternity fashions sounds like swollen ankles waiting to happen, visit Anna Cris, an online boutique of maternity fashions you cannot find anywhere else. Find a Vienna jacket and sleeveless dress for work, supportive lingerie, or workout gear — all specially designed for your growing belly. For full product selection, request their free catalog.
Looking for free stuff? It never hurts to save a few dollars when you have got a baby on the way. Baby Chatter’s Baby Freebies section is your guide to free samples, contests, coupons and magazines. Also find a complete checklist for child proofing your home as well as safety alerts and product recall information.
Even if you think you are not computer savvy, Babies Online makes it easy for you to set up a Web page to announce your baby’s birth. Friends and family can log in to see pictures of your new bundle of joy. And, while you are at it, you can enter your little one into the Cute Baby Contest — why not? You could win prizes and it is free.
Still not sure what to call your new baby? Search through thousands of choices at Baby Name Center to find the perfect name. You can even search by definition, so if you want to bestow “beauty” on your daughter, you can choose Callista, Belinda or Alana (or about 50 other names).
Visit StorkNet, an online pregnancy community, when you want to surround yourself with pregnant friends. Women share their birthing stories, chat on the message boards and bond over their unusual food cravings.

Some other Interesting General Sights for our Obstetrics Patients

WebMD, Women’s Health


Pregnancy Corner
Designed to offer pregnancy information with more of a social networking fee, this site has an editorial board with medical doctors, a midwife, doulas, obstetricians and a fertility specialist that review articles and contribute to the site in other ways.

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