Getting Ready

Getting Ready

From finding out you’re pregnant to birth, there are various ways you can better prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby. Although not necessary, some of these practices may put you at ease for the big day.

We Care About You

Hospital Tours

Touring the Labor & Delivery suites of Cape Fear Valley Medical Center will definitely help you feel more comfortable with the birthing process. The Family Birth Center offers a home-like setting in a spacious suite during labor and delivery and initial recovery. FREE tours are offered at 6 p.m. Visit the Cape Fear website for available dates.

What to Pack

It is always a good idea to be packed and ready to go to the hospital … just in case. We suggest taking two bags, one for the labor room and one for the hospital room. Make your own checklist and pack the bags before you have to rush to the hospital. It will help you and your family focus. Also, you can fill out Cape Fear Valley’s pre-registration form (PDF) before you go to make checking in as quick as possible.

For the Labor Room

  • Bring things that will comfort you – a selection of your favorite music; lotions or oils for massage; a brush if you like to have your hair brushed; a tennis ball for pressure point massage if you get back labor; warm socks and/or a sweater to keep warm; lollipops to help keep your mouth moist and provide a little energy
  • A camera and/or video camera – You won’t be expecting glamour shots, but these pictures will be cherished memories
  • Don’t forget a snack and vending machine money for your coach
  • A focal point – If you use a particular picture or other item to help you practice focusing during labor, bring it along for the real thing.

For the Hospital Room

  • A sweater to go over that lovely hospital gown or a nightgown (but be warned, it might end up dirty)
  • Lounge clothes and slippers
  • Toiletries – lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash … You’ll be staying in a hospital, not a hotel. You may also want deodorant and a little makeup to make you feel clean and fresh for visitors
  • Sanitary napkins – The hospital will provide you with bulky sanitary napkins, but you might prefer your own
  • A list of telephone numbers – You’ll have plenty of down time to let your friends and family hear the good news
  • A pillow and blanket for Dad
  • A comfy pillow for you, too
  • Don’t forget an Approved Child’s Car Seat and an outfit for your new baby for when it is time to go home!