Alleviate confusion during what can be a stressful time by learning about all the different changes you’ll encounter during puberty. From menstrual cycles to birth control, let Fayetteville Women’s Care assist you in navigating through everything you need to know.


We Care About You


Puberty is simply just a part of growing up.  Everyone goes through it and they go through it at different ages. Some girls can start puberty as early as 8 and others may not start until 16.

What to expect during Puberty:

  • Your breasts will grow
  • You may gain weight and grow taller
  • Your hips may widen
  • You will grow hair under your arms and around your genitals
  • Your body odor may change
  • You may begin seeing pimples
  • You will being having a period

Menstrual Cycle

No one knows when you will have your first menstrual cycle or period.  The first period may be mild and your first few periods may be irregular. Typical periods last 3-7 days. And can vary in consistency. You may skip a month or you may have two in one month.

We suggest tracking your periods by marking on a calendar. Put an X on the day you first start your cycle, and then count the days between that day and next time you start.  You typically have a period every 28 days, but some girls may menstruate sooner or later.

Cramping is normal, but not everyone has cramps. To control the pain and discomfort,  you can use Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Placing a heating pad on your abdomen will also help relieve the pain.

Everyone experiences puberty differently and at a different time. This is just part of growing up!  If you have questions about what you are feeling, talk with an adult. They have been through it before!