Becoming pregnant as a teenager can be a frightening experience. We are here to come alongside and discuss with you the options that are available.

I just found out I’m Pregnant. What’s next?

We Care About You

Being pregnant at any age can be both an exciting and frightening experience. When you are a teenager, these emotions can increase and many questions may go through your mind.

“Do I want to have a baby?” – “Will the father of the baby be an active father” – “What happens to my dreams?” – “Who will help me?” – “How will my family and friends react?”

These are all normal feelings, but serious questions to consider. Having a baby is a lifetime commitment to another human being – and one you are responsible for. You first need to find a responsible adult to talk to. While your family may be shocked and even unhappy at first, they will most likely support you and be there to help you through your decision-making process.

Options for pregnancy are to keep the baby, place the baby for adoption or to have an abortion.  These are all personal decisions.

If you decide to keep the baby, it is important that you begin seeing your obstetrician as soon as possible for prenatal care. Do not delay. There are important tests done early in pregnancy that you do not want to miss. You should schedule your first appointment before your tenth week of pregnancy.

If you decide to place your baby for adoption, talk to your provider.  There are many reputable agencies that will ensure your baby is placed with a good family.  In fact, our provider may have couples who are waiting for the opportunity to adopt a newborn baby.

If you decide you do not want to keep the baby and opt for abortion, please be sure you seek this care from a licensed and reputable facility.  Our office does not perform elective abortions but will offer counseling and post-procedure care.