How To Prepare For Your Well Woman Exam

How To Prepare For Your Well Woman Exam

Every woman should be seeing her gynecologist on a regular basis and for good reason. There are so many pros to making and keeping an appointment for your well woman exam. Besides having regular cervical and breast exams done, your well woman exam is the perfect chance to talk with your doctor about any questions you may have about your reproductive health, including birth control, discuss any issues you may be having with your menstrual cycle, ensure that your vaccinations are current, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, become educated on menopause symptoms and what to look for as you are aging, and much more.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists sets age specific guidelines for when you should have certain medical exams concerning women’s health. It would be best if young women had their first gynecological visit before they became sexually active, but well woman exams should definitely happen when you do become sexually active, if not sooner. Your gynecologist is a valuable resource when it comes to birth control options, and preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Because of the introduction of the Pap smear procedure, cervical cancer deaths in women have decreased by 70 percent since the 1940’s. Fayetteville Women’s Care recommends that you start having a regular Pap smear done every three years when you become sexually active or you turn 21. For women who have certain medical conditions, Pap smears should be done annually. Your gynecologist can tell you what schedule you should be on.

When you schedule a well woman exam at Fayetteville Women’s Care, our staff will make sure you know what to expect when you come in. If it is your first time with us, we will ask you to fill out preliminary paperwork from our website and bring it with you at the time of your appointment. We find that women tend to be more comfortable at their appointments when they have eaten something small beforehand (unless they need to be fasting according to their gynecologists orders), they are well hydrated, they wear comfortable clothing, and they are relaxed and well rested.

Your well woman exam is nothing to be anxious about. The highly-trained team of medical professionals at Fayetteville Women’s Care are focused on your thorough care and well being. Are you in need of a well woman exam? You are in good hands at Fayetteville Women’s Care. Call us today at (910) 323-2103 to schedule an appointment!