Five Tips For A Good Night’s Rest While Pregnant

Five Tips For A Good Night’s Rest While Pregnant

It is a tale as old as time. Pregnant women throughout all of history have found themselves restless and uncomfortable when trying to sleep, especially in the last trimester when their abdomen grows and presents challenges, like sleep positions, active babies in utero, indigestion and more. There is good news for the pregnant woman! Here are some ideas on how pregnant women can get a better nights sleep.

1) Add pillows.

For many pregnant women, the size of their stomach means sleeping in certain positions is way less comfortable than it used to be. Pregnant women can find some possible relief by simply adding pillows to support their growing bellies. Adding pillows can also help to support your back as well.

2) Cut out the caffeine.

Pregnant women who suffer from indigestion can benefit from cutting back on the caffeine they drink, especially in the early evening hours. While it is vital that you stay hydrated, not drinking any liquids for three hours before you go to bed may help to make you more comfortable. The goal in not drinking anything for a couple of hours before bed is that hopefully you will not have to disrupt your sleep by getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

3) Stay away from the late night snacks.

If you are suffering from heartburn, it is not a good idea to eat right before you go to bed, especially foods that can trigger your heartburn, like spicy foods. If you do eat a snack before bed, your best options are foods that are on the bland side, like crackers.

4) Do not exercise before bed.

Exercising during pregnancy is highly encouraged. However, exercising in the couple of hours before bed can give you a boost of energy that you do not want. It can also disrupt your normal sleep patterns. Try not to exercise three or four hours before you plan to go to bed.

5) Set the mood for relaxation.

Pregnant or not, it can be difficult to unwind from the day. The same relaxation techniques that you would use to set a bedtime mood while not pregnant, can and should be used while you are pregnant. Take a warm bath. Turn the lights down about 30 minutes before you plan to fall asleep. Meditate. Read. Give yourself time to unwind from the day before you fall asleep.

Pregnancy does not last forever, but any woman who has tried to fall asleep in their last trimester can tell you that sometimes it feels like it does. If that is you, try these tips. If you are still restless and tired, give the staff at Fayetteville Women’s Care a call. We want you to be rested! Call us today at (910) 323-2103.