What You Should Know Before Your First Gynecology Exam


For many young women, the idea of their first gynecology exam can be intimidating. Usually a gynecologist will recommend that you at least begin seeing them for gynecology exams once you become sexually active, and widely accepted medical guidelines say that women should begin having a pap smear test done starting at age 21, and every 3 to 5 years afterwards. These gynecology exams can help detect various health issues, like cervical cancer or certain sexually transmitted diseases and vaginal infections. They may be intimidating to think about, but they are necessary for your sexual and reproductive health.

Fayetteville Women’s Care wants to calm your nerves a little by telling you what to expect at your first gynecology exam with us. First, you will be asked questions concerning your medical history. Are you missing menstrual cycles? Are you sexually active? Your gynecologist will ask you these types of questions. Typically, your height and weight, as well as your blood pressure will be observed as well.

Once it is time for the actual exam, you will change into a hospital gown. Since a general breast exam is a standard part of your gynecology exam too, you will be asked to remove all of your clothes when putting on the hospital gown. You do not have to be alone in the room for the exam with the medical staff if you do not want to. You can have a friend or family member present.

For the exam, your gynecologist will have you lay on your back on the table with your feet placed in foot holders, or stirrups, with your knees bent. Your gynecologist will walk you through every part of the exam. We understand that this is uncomfortable for a lot of women the first time, so if you feel scared or embarrassed, let us know! We promise to put your mind at ease. First, your gynecologist will examine the exterior area, then we will do the internal exam. A sample of cells from your cervix will be sent off and the results will come back in a few days. The good news is that normally the whole exam only takes about five to ten minutes!

At Fayetteville Women’s Care, your reproductive and sexual health is a priority to us. We wouldn’t advocate for routine gynecology exams if we didn’t know that they help save lives, and help women get the medical care they need for certain diseases and infections that can be overlooked without an exam. If you are a women who has not had a gynecology exam yet, please give Fayetteville Women’s Care a call today at (910) 323-2103.