Pregnancy and Prenatal Care During Holiday Travel

This time of year is the prime travel season for many people. In any stage of pregnancy, you may be wondering if it is safe for you to travel and what precautions you should take while traveling to ensure the safety of you and your baby. The good news is that for most women, traveling during pregnancy is completely safe.

Generally speaking, the best time to travel during your pregnancy is during the second trimester. By this time, most morning sickness has subsided and many women are their most energetic, before the tremendous growth of the baby takes place in the third trimester. Most obstetricians will instruct pregnant women that they are safe to travel before their 36th week of pregnancy, as long as the pregnancy is healthy and without complications. You will be restricted from traveling if such complications like preeclampsia or preterm labor occur.

Part of your prenatal care plan should include a travel plan. Whether you are planning to travel by car, plane, or ship, there are general precautions you should take. Before you embark on any trip, schedule an appointment with your prenatal care doctor for a checkup. Know what provider you will contact or what medical facility you will go to in case an emergency were to happen. Remember to bring any medications that you are taking with you. When traveling, stand up and stretch your legs at least every two hours to keep blood flowing in your legs and prevent clots from forming. When flying or traveling by ship, your airline or cruise line may have policies and rules in place concerning pregnancy travel, especially if your destination is an international one. You may be required to purchase special insurance from these companies. Contact your airline or cruise line in advance of your travel time so that you will not be surprised by any unique policies they may have. Drink plenty of fluids, but if you are traveling internationally, be aware of the quality of water you may be drinking. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.

Traveling while pregnant can be a great experience. As part of your prenatal care, you should talk with your healthcare provider about any questions you have about traveling during your pregnancy. At Fayetteville Woman’s Care, our dedicated staff of obstetricians and pregnancy care providers will be more than happy to work with you during your prenatal visits to come up with a travel plan this holiday season that will work for you!