5 Tips For A Healthier You!

At Fayetteville Woman’s Care, we provide a wide range of services, from pregnancy to cancer screenings, but ultimately our priority is your health. Between work and family, sometimes you can take the back seat when it comes to your priorities. Without knowing it, you may not be taking as good care of yourself as you should be. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind, to remain your best and healthiest you.

The No Dieting, Diet

The key to dieting is not dieting at all! Although you want to stay away from fried, processed, and sugary foods, that doesn’t mean you have to completely cut them out for the rest of your life. Instead focus on foods that are a variation of healthy fats, lean proteins, fiber and smart carbs. Not only will this make you healthier but you will also feel better too.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

You don’t have to lift a bunch of weights or run everyday to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercising three to five times a weeks, with focuses on cardio with light weight lifting exercises can help your chances in preventing various diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and much more. Not to mention you will feel more energized.

Stress Free is the Way to Be

Mother’s are usually the ones to hold the house together, but that’s usually due to the fact that they’re balancing multiple things on their plate (work, kids, household chores. etc.) Stress can be one more factor that can increase your chances of developing serious diseases. Whether it’s doing yoga, meditating, or doing your favorite hobby, ensure to take time for yourself to keep your stress levels down.

Choosing the Right Doctor

Of course you can watch what you eat and exercise to your heart’s content, but you will still need to find a doctor to care for your obstetrician and gynecological needs beyond that. Finding someone who can provide you the care you desire, as well as someone you can trust can be challenging. Take the time to research doctors in your area so when you have to make an appointment to get check out, you know it’s with someone you feel comfortable with and can confide in.

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