Guiding Your Teen Through Their First OBGYN Visit

Guiding Your Teen Through Their First OBGYN Visit

As the new school year approaches, many young teen girls will be entering high school for the first time. The high school experience for young girls can be an exciting, yet tumultuous time. During this time, many questions will arise about the opposite sex, a girl’s first menstruation cycle, and even their first sexual encounter.

For these reasons, it is important that you make an initial OBGYN appointment with your daughter in order to go over the important information on becoming a woman. In order to prepare for your first gynecologist visit to Fayetteville Woman’s Care, here are a frequently answered questions to help ease the jitters and nervousness that may be associated with a first time OBGYN visit.


  1. When should my daughter have her first OBGYN visit?

Young women should have their first gynecologist visit between the ages of 13 and 15. During these years, girls are going through a multitude of body changes and it is important that we answer any lingering questions that may cause confusion for them during this time.


  1. Is it okay to be nervous or afraid for the first gynecological visit?

It is perfectly normal for young girls to be anxious before their first visit to the OBGYN. It may be of some importance to have a talk with your daughter prior to her first visit so that she may know what to expect. Also, letting your child know that it’s okay to express this nervousness with their doctor is important as well. The doctor may be able to ease any anxiety associated with their first visit.


  1. What can my daughter expect on her first visit?

The initial gynecological visit may just be a talk between your daughter and the doctor. This talk may include any questions or concerns about the health of your child, which can include diet and exercise, their menstrual cycle, family history of health and any questions or concerns involving sexual activity. If your daughter has any concerns with confidentiality, it may be expressed to the doctor at this time.


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