Resolving To Take Care of Your Health in 2019

It is just the way it is. For the most part, women have no problems taking care of their families, but sometimes in caring for everyone else, women can put their own needs aside. Who hasn’t heard the joke about women not having time to get sick because their homes would fall apart and chaos would break loose! We laugh because on some basic level, we feel that there is a little bit of truth to it. Sadly though, many women may be putting aside women’s health issues in a season of life when they need to be focusing on them the most.

On a positive note, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that around 69% of women aged 18 and over have had a Pap smear test done within the last couple of years, and about 65% of women over the age of 40 have had a mammogram in the past two years. That is great news! It is a well known fact that early detection of issues arising within a women’s reproductive system make for better outcomes overall. Still, those statistics need to be much higher.

In 2019, the team at Fayetteville Women’s Care would like to encourage you to resolve to make your health a priority this year. Women’s health is at the core of who we are and why we do what we do. We have seen women’s lives completely changed because they took control of their health. If you are a sexually active adult woman and you are not getting regularly scheduled Pap tests, we urge you to do so soon. If you are a woman over the age of 40 who has yet to have a mammogram, we highly encourage you to do it.

Fayetteville Women’s Care employs some of the most caring and trusting medical professionals that North Carolina has to offer. We take your health and well-being very seriously and we want you to as well. Let us be your choice of women’s health professionals. This is your time to put you and your health first. Don’t delay! Your loved ones will be better for it. Give us a call today at (910) 323-2103.