Pregnancy and Those New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, millions of people start their new year off by making some type of resolution. For an estimated forty-five percent of people, for instance, the resolution is to lose weight. Sadly though, by the time February comes around, about eighty percent of those resolutions have failed. Experts have asked us all to take a new approach to the New Year’s resolution by not making any at all. In a culture that loves self-improvement, that may be hard advice to take, so for all of our beautiful women enjoying pregnancy at the moment, the team at Fayetteville Woman’s Care would like to propose a few tips that you could resolve to do in 2019 for a healthy you and a healthy pregnancy. It’s never too late to start these.

Resolve to get an adequate amount of sleep, and perhaps even more than that. Rest is good for the human body, and it is especially good for a human body that is growing another human body. Don’t skip out on getting enough sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, consider dimming the lighting in your room for a short period before actually going to sleep, or finding a more comfortable spot in the house to sleep. We know that this is easier said than done, especially in your third trimester, but it is so worth it.

Resolve to eat a healthier diet. Whether we like it or not, the fact is that what we eat sustains us and is directly related to how much energy we have, how well our bodies are regulated, and honestly, how we feel. When you make good food choices for you and your growing baby, it will show. While you are at it, it is imperative that you stay hydrated. The best way to do that is to drink lots of water. Anyone who has ever been dehydrated will tell you that they would like to not ever do that again. Water is essential for living your best life.

Resolve to get rid of stress. However, you have to do it. Deep breathing, gentle yoga, a brisk walk everyday, listening to music that puts you in a good mood, relaxing with a great book, peace and quiet – whatever you have to do to keep your mind and your heart at rest – do that.

Fayetteville Woman’s Care is here to help you navigate through your pregnancy successfully. For all of our patients, we are hoping for a prosperous and happy 2019.