Why Your Gynecologist Wants To See You Every Year

For many women, going to the gynecologist is not high on their to-do list. Fortunately, millions of women are healthy and have no issues with their menstrual cycles or reproductive health. That’s great news! Still, your gynecologist would like to see you at least once every year, and for good reasons.

The chances for issues to arise with your reproductive system, or other areas of your body unique to females, go up as you age. Getting into the habit of seeing your gynecologist on a regular basis, especially when you are a young women, gives you the best opportunity to catch problems early and give you the best outlook for recovery and healing if anything should come up.

Medical guidelines set by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists indicate that young women should begin seeing their gynecologist once their menstrual cycles begin. At the very least, they should see their gynecologist once they become sexual active. Once you are sexually active and begin to visit with your gynecologist, they will perform a wellbeing screening which will include your family medical history, your physical activity levels and dietary intake, and a conversation about your sexual practices and current contraceptive use. A physical examination will be done as well, including a pelvic exam and a breast exam. Your gynecologist will address any additional medical issues.

Until the age of 39, pelvic exams will be a regular part of your yearly visit. Breast exams may be done annually or every one to three years if there are no concerns. Once a woman reaches the age of 40, pelvic and abdomen exams will continue, while breast exams will most likely begin to happen every year.

Once you reach the age 40 and until the age of about 60, your gynecologist will begin to exam you for age related symptoms pertaining to menopause. Your gynecologist will be able to help you navigate through this season of your reproductive life to minimize any challenges that present themselves.

By establishing a great working relationship that includes transparent communication, you and your gynecologist can tackle any female medical issues that pop up. From the beginning of womanhood, to motherhood, to the journey into your senior years, the dedicated and knowledgeable staff at Fayetteville Woman’s Care is here with you every step of the way. If you need to make a visit with a gynecologist, give Fayetteville Woman’s Care a call at (910) 323-2103.