Q: Why is my first appointment 2 hours?  What can I expect?

A: During your first OB (pregnancy) appointment, you will meet with Insurance to review your benefits and your expected out of pocket expenses.  Then you will meet with the New OB nurse who will review your past medical history and family history.  She will also review with you what you can expect during your pregnancy and each subsequent visit with us.  After that, you will see the physician who will do a complete medical exam to include a pap smear, breast check and ultrasound.  This ultrasound is only to determine your due date.


Q: Will I have any travel restrictions?

A: You can travel normally, including air travel, until you are 35 weeks.  (Check with the airline before making your reservation)  After 35 weeks, we recommend you ride no longer than 1 hour without stopping to walk around.  If you are traveling later into your pregnancy, it is recommended that you carry a copy of your medical record with you in the event you have to seek treatment.  We do not recommend traveling more than 1 hour away after you are 36 weeks.


Q: I just had vaginal exam I am bleeding/spotting.  Am I OK?

A: It is very normal to see blood after a cervical check, vaginal ultrasound or sex.  If the bleeding increases and you are soaking a pad in one hour, call the office or the on call provider.


Q: I am having sinus, cold, allergy problems.  What can I take?

A: Click here to refer to our Safe Medications List.


Q: How long do I have to wait after delivery to have sex?

A: We recommend waiting until you have had your postpartum visit or at least 4 weeks.


Q: When will I have an ultrasound?

A: You will have an ultrasound at your first OB appointment and an anatomy scan at 18 weeks.


Q:  How many people can come to my ultrasound appointment?

A: Our room is small and can comfortably seat 2-3 people.


Q: Will I found out the sex of my baby at the anatomy scan?

A: The purpose of this ultrasound is to determine if the baby is developing appropriately.  It is not a sex of the baby ultrasound.  If the sex of the baby can be determined during the routine scan, you can find out if you want to know.