Patient Portal

In order to enhance your experience and improve your level of service at Fayetteville Woman’s Care, we have implemented a Patient Portal through , an office-wide digital medical records system.

Using our Patient Portal will save you time at your appointment and ensure that your patient information and medical history go directly into our digital records, which will allow your practitioner to quickly access your records and to more effectively discuss your current health and healthcare concerns.

To access the Patient Portal and complete the process, you will need to access the Internet from a computer using an upper-level browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, AOL, etc.).

Initially, it will take approximately 30 minutes to set up your personal Patient Portal information and to complete your history questionnaire. You can access your portal at any later date to update your patient information, such as a new address or a change in insurance.

Your information is stored securely and it will remain confidential. No one outside of Fayetteville Woman’s Care will have access to your information. Through the Patient Portal, all government healthcare privacy regulations are met, to ensure privacy of your medical information.

You will receive a unique username and password through regular mail with complete instructions for logging in to the Patient Portal. You will be able to change this information after your first login.

Enter the Patient Portal using the link below and follow these steps:

1. At the Patient Portal Sign In prompt, enter your unique username and password (mailed to you from the Fayetteville Woman’s Care office by regular mail).

2. The first time you Sign In, you will be prompted to change your Sign In credentials. We encourage you to write your new Username and Password down in a safe place for future portal access.

If you lose your password at any time, you may contact the office at 910.323.2103 for your password to be reset.

Access the Fayetteville Woman’s Care Patient Portal.

Patient Portal